Legio Astorum

Adeptus Titanicus

When Adeptus Titanicus was first released I was very keen to get my hands on it, I a big fan of the big models with all the large the 28mm scaled titans but they are hard to move around the table so having a game with 8mm version was going to be EPIC!

Legion choice came down to lets try something other than red, black and stripy so i opted for the Legio Astorum, aka Warp Runners. As the pictures show the livery on this Legio is blue and yellow with iconography of the solar system around their home system and forgeworld.

After coming off my ultra shiney 30K Thousand Sons army (no pics up here yet, think red and sparkly clean) i
picked up some techniques with painting candy/ metaillics so i encorporated some of these but paired it back alot.

While the colours and painting method were fantastic to plaay around with i just couldn’t help but be drawn back to my first Legio. So i packed these up and sold them on ebay for replacement costs so i could start again. 

Paint Scheme

This one’s a little bit of a handful as there’s many parts to it also nearly everything was done with an airbrush

The chassis of the titans remains metalic so i opted to use the best stuff i’m experienced with, the AK interactive X-Metal range

AK Interactive
Primer and Microfiller AK757 Black
XMetal Aluminium AK479
Xmetal Stainless Steel AK670
Xmetal Gun Metal AK483
Dark Tracks AK722 – (Seems this is a discontinued colour)

Vellajo Model Air
Blue 71.090
Steel 71.065
Medium Yellow 71.002
Gun Metal 71.072

Vallejo Model Colour
Brass 70.801
Oily Steel 70.865

Metallic Bronze Permanent Marker

Games Workshop
Nul Oil Gloss wash
Agrax Earth Shade

Winsor & Newton
Burnt Umber Oil Wash

Base effects
Streaking Grime AK012
Earth Effects AK017
City Dirt Pigment AK145
White Ash Pigment AK142
Smoke Pigment AK2038
Medium Rust Pigment AK043
I didn’t record the acrylic colours grey’s and asphalt and creams but they would all be from Vellajo range.

The primer I used was the AK Interactive X-metal black this stuff is amazing! it goes on thin is self leveling and is really forgiving but has to be used in an airbrush.

Titan Chasis
AK Interactive Xmetal A combo of the three you see below but to be honest i’d just choose the stainless steel for the next time around. Essentially i did a layering technicque that barely can be seen darkest (gun metal grey in the deep resessed shaddows stainless for mid tones and Aluminium for zenith highlights, but the majority of the shell is under plates or painted another colour so save yourself the headache and just go one colour lightly spray to keep the deep recesses the black base and add oil gloss wash where needed.

Armour plates

The plates were done a little different to the chassis. getting Acrylic paints to apply smoothly to Xmetal is a real pain so i opted to not use them as my base for the plates, i chose instead to use Vallejo Model Air metalics. The base coat was still the Xmetal black as that stuff is magic but it’s an airbrush only product in a super well ventilated space or proper resporator setup and carbon extraction rig.

They were done in a few parts.

Back exactly the same as the Titan Chassis with the same colours.
Base – Xmetal Primer
Colour – Xmetal Stainless steel

Armour Plate Front

Base Primer – Xmetal Black Primer
Second Base coat – Vallejo Gun metal building up to a center highlight effect using the Vallejo Stainless Steel

Top coat – Very thin layers of Vallejo Model Air blue. To heavy will turn the whole plate a dark matte blue without any metalic shine to it. the colour varies a lot so getting this even was key. I did the armour panels on the sprue to paint them all at the same time and get that good colour consistency.

Yellow Armour Plate

I built this up using a very thin white coat first, yellow will never be bright if the base is dark so always start from a bright base colour. I built up each plate to be a bright white in the centre and where the zenith would be once fixed in place on the chassis.

The Vallejo Model air yellow is the same one i chose for the Fire Wasps 28mm titans. I really like this yellow, it’s bright without being super flurosant and flows nicely .

Trim Colour

Painting the trims was daunting until this gem of an idea was shared with me. Use a Bronze metallic Sharpie permanent marker.
This takes a little bit to get the flow working right of it as going back and forth as it can strip the paint beneith if you’re not careful, but the control you get from it and the speed you can finish the plates is fantastic!

Flames, Dust & Other Details

On some of the Legio Astorim artwork the titans can be seen with flames so i encorporated some into my designs but rather than making them yellow and red i chose a blue flame. this was achieved using a vinal flame stensil from Fallout Hobbies, a lot of Tamya masking tape and a very light spary of Vallejo Model Air Light Sea blue 71.089 and working it up a few shades until it’s almost a white at the tip of each flame.

Oily Steel. Every piston was repainted using the Vellajo oily steel in a banded method the gloss null oil was also applied directy to this and once again after the matte varnish.

Base Modelling 

I wanted them to be a little gritty but not my Imperial Fists trench warefare type of gritty, These behemoths are striding through a busted city so there would be dust and crap on everything close to the ground. The city streets themselves will be ruined and filthy! 

I used cork sheet with watered down wood glue to stiffen up, and various types of platicard to simulate the busted city scape.

I started with a black base but this one wasn’t the fancy Xmetal paint just the Vallejo back primer, I then used different layering effects for each area to simulate roads footpaths and earth. Dark grey colour scheme for the roads, beige and cream for concrete footpaths and brown earthy tones for the edges and rubble.

I did some highlighing for each square with a lighter highlight colour and once it looked great i mat vasrnished then weathered the heck out of it using AK interactive powders then gloss varnished and did enamels then added matte varnish to seal it all together.

I didn’t record the grey’s and asphalt and creams but they would all be from Vellajo range


I magnetised the arms and the carapace weapons but thats it, the game requires a fixed firing position and moving models that can rotate at the torso around seemed like a reciepe for disagreements

Weapon Loadouts

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