Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought

The Deredeo grew on me over time, It was the torso that was the initial shock as it looks like a speedboat rather than the contemptor pattern mobile artillery dreadnought. It did grow on me, and the weapons it gets access to are pretty nasty.




I have tried many different ways of doing Imperial Fists yellow, but for the Deredeo, I used the GW Air range.

The yellow was achieved using the following paints:

  • Base coat was AK Interactive Dark Yellow Primer
  • Layer GW AIR Averland Sunset
  • Highlighted with GW Air Flash Gitz Yellow
  • Edge Dorn Yellow
  • Panel line wash using AK Interactive Dark Yellow enamel
  • AK Interactive Streaking Grime enamel

All the black areas and the weapons were primed using the

  • AK Interactive black primer, the metal was sprayed using
  • Vallejo Gun Metal,
  • washed with Null oil gloss
  • highlights with the Vallejo steel.


Model Base

I’ve been theming my Imperial Fists Legion to be fighting through a ruined industrial complex, that way I get to use loads of all the great tools for building the narrative. Things like diamond checker plate, concrete rubble and cables are all great fun to make, they paint up quickly and weather to a distressed or ruined finish easily.

I make all of these bases at the moment using Fimo soft modelling clay and some of the rolling pins from Greenstuff world. Making the base details allows me to all add simple features like line markings door bolting points and battle damage. For the Deredeo’s base, I carved a hole in the middle and added some ruined cables and bent up deck panelling, he’s also crushing some rubble under one of his feet.

The base is dry brushed with dark metal colours like Vallejo chainmail washed with Nul Oil and highlighted with a lighter drybrush of Vallejo steel. This effect is great for that uneven distressed look to a bombed out facility, the last step is to coat it in all manner of weathering enamels and powders.


The Deredeo went together nicely, if you’ve ever built a Forgeworld Dreadnought, then you will have the joy of deciding on the many different poses you could get this thing into. When I build my models, I like to think of them defending the imperial palace or advancing impeccably as a shield wall crushing the enemy, so most of my poses are pretty safe.

Posing the Deredeo, I decided would be best in a solidly braced stance on a firm foundation ready for some heavy-hitting support. One thing you will need to be aware of is the ammo feed requires heating to position it correctly and line it up with the hopper and the weapon.

As the weapons link back to the main chassis, I opted to not magnetise this, that, however, was a decision before the Arachnus heavy lascannon battery was released.


I found this kit simple to build, everything went together beautifully, the two points worth mentioning is

  1. The Aiolos Missile Launcher is designed to move freely, this did not sit level with the dreadnought’s hull and angled down at the front. I added a small offcut in the recess under the central targeting lens to get it sitting at the correct level.
  2. The ammo belt feed will require heating to line up and position correctly with the hopper and the weapon.




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