Some of the forgeworld models that have been coming out for the Custodes are nimble little speeder craft that can be taken in attack squadrons of up to 3. This one I painted for a 2500 point custodies list for a friend of mine.

After painting so many of the troops for someone else I finally jumped online and picked up 30 of them to join the ranks of my loyalists. looks like the gold will continue to flow for a while yet.

I’ve found with all the custodian grav tanks that the base is pretty average and needs to be glued together. These hover tanks come with a small resin disk that the flight stand attaches to and it’s supposed to be centred on the balance point, personally, they are terrible and need glueing down or remaking with 10mm acrylic rod. Custom bases would require drilling a snug fitting hole to secure it properly.

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