Rogal Dorn

Ever since the release of Forgeworlds book 3 I have been patiently waiting for the release of Rogal Dorn. Well, my Imperial Fists Legion has grown past the 10,000 mark, and my patience diminished with every new Horus Heresy book released until last December it broke. He’s a hybrid between Guilliman, and I believe a Kabuki sculpt. On closer inspection, you will see parts from custodians, Marines, Ork boys and Titans went into making this. 360-degree rotatable image of Dorn

A Primarch is Born

I’m pretty proud of this kitbash, so my ramblings have taken on essay length proportions. I find interesting models on eBay occasionally, and I had a search out looking for the title Rogal Dorn just in case anything of interest popped up. Turned out it did. This old Kabuki sculpt of Dorn has been around for some time, but Kabuki hasn’t got it listed anymore. When it came up on eBay the picture was grainy, and some parts like the head looked average, so I took a punt, not only was it better than expected, but the quality of the sculpt surpassed my expectations.


Not satisfied with a few things on this sculpt I picked up Roboute Guilliman and pilfered parts to remake Dorn.

Storms Teeth (Chainblade)

I didn’t like the size of the Storms Teeth Chainsword, firstly the fluff says this sword is two-thirds the size of a marine and none other than a Primarch could hope to wield it. Well, the long chain blade he was modelled with reminded me of the two handed heavy chain sword that the troop sergeants can be upgraded to use. After a search through the Astartes arsenal both 30k and 40k, i came to the decision that there was nothing that would have the grandeur and size suitable for this primarch sword. There was nothing in the Marines arsenal that was too big for them to wield and on the cusp of giving up I randomly went through some ork parts I have had for at least a decade. The chain blade in the big chopper collection was an instant winner for thickness, but it was too short. However, two joined together measured up exactly to what my idea of this sword. Storms teeth

Dorn’s Head

The head on the original model was not the best, but I had planned to use Guilliman’s from the outset, so that was no great tragedy. It was, however, a solid part of the body and required to be carefully destroyed and drilled out without damaging the millimetre thin gorget that surrounded it.

The Voice of Terra (Dorns Gun)

The bolter with the eagle motif is from a custodian guardian spear. The fluff talks about this weapon being gifted to Dorn by the Custodian Guard to honour his appointment as the Praetorian of Terra. It also says it follows custodian weaponry, so what better way to portray that than using one to build it. Once cut from the rest of the guardian spear it was a little short, so I extended the barrel using a Marine flamer and extended the stock using half of a very old bolter (25-year-old spares). I added the large ammo drum from the ork shootas which gave it some heft and (although it can’t be seen) I used the pistol handle from Guilliman’s side arm as the grip for this gun as it had some ornate scroll work on it.

Display base

This took a bit more time and while I am happy with how it turned out I think I could have done a better job on the tower. Loads of plasticard went into this and other leftover parts from the Titan models I have previously built. It also had three variations on its final colour scheme.

4 thoughts on “Rogal Dorn

    1. I took the mid section of the kabuki eagle as I liked the head and the body. Then I cut the wings from the custodian standard and joined the three sections together. I’ll add a photo of Dorn before he was painted to the post


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! This stunning piece is definitely going to be a source of inspiration/reference for my own attempt at a Dorn conversion.


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