Caladius Grav Tank

Over the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of painting up a Caladius Grav Tank. This is one of two tanks for a Custodian Guard force and will come to about 2000 points when complete.


This was the first time I had ever attempted to paint a solid gold model, I’ve done plenty of gold trim but the whole model required a little bit more research. I went with the recommended GW range of metallic paints for the custodians however rather than buying the Retributor Armour spray can, I bought a small pot of the gold and one of the airbrush thinner instead.

I started from a black base with the AK Interactive black, followed by a few light coats of the Retributor Armour gold applied using an airbrush. washed it down with Reikland Fleshshade and highlighted with Liberator Gold and a very fine point of Stormhost Silver.

For the red on the side panels I used the Tamiya X-7 Acrylic red, it was smelly but looks amazing. I built up some colour variation in the gold so there were some darker areas in the recesses and then sprayed the red over the panel once dry. This was a first for me using this paint and I really enjoyed how well the final colours all came together. The rich, hotrod candy apple red colour might not be for everyone but it really makes this tank stand out.


I found the balance on this tank to be precarious, and the little resin flight stand was inadequate for this model, this forced a rethink on how it should be attached that will make it easily moved, disconnected and transported. I used some 10mm diameter plastic pipe and carefully drilled the clear flight stork to the correct size. To make it slightly snug, I heated the pipe and created a small bevel on the top end. The end result is a solid click type connection between the base and the model. The downside is that such a solid connection is anathema to keeping paint on the plastic pipe.

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