Custodian Guard

I had 20 Custodian troops to paint alongside the Caladius Grav Tank, and so I followed the same paint scheme laid out by GW for the Custodes.

These are very detailed and beautiful models and were very enjoyable to paint up


Special Characters

When the rules for Valdor Constantine are released this model will be the stand in until one is released. He’s not a legal build as he has a two handed spear with a shield but he looks different from all the rest. Once a new Valdor model is released then this one will take his place as the standard bearer.



Retributor Armour Gold – base
Reikland Fleshshade – wash
Liberator Gold layer – highlight
Stormhost Silver – highlight

The gems are all Waystone Green
Helmet Plumes and Cloaks were painted in similar ways as they started with Mephiston Red and were washed with Baal Red (Old GW red wash) then layered in multiple lighter shades of red. The three cloaks had the lighter colour transition on all the raised flowing sections of cloak.

The weapons were all AK Interactive Base black followed by highlights of grey, Lead Belcher and Nuln oil. The blades started black and moved through a transition from dark to light blue on all the flat surfaces ending with Templar Blue highlights on different sections of the blades.

The shield wings went white with multiple thin coats and were washed with Nuln Oil before being touched up again with some Ceramite White

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