Legion Sicaran Battle Tank

I’ve been slack of late with updating my blog and I must apologise for that, but on the plus side, I haven’t been slack when it comes to hobby progression.

I’ve had this post up for a very long time with the Sicaran built and undercoated but nothing more, While I have added photos of the completed model to my Instagram page #Phalanxforge (Feel free to follow) and have been meaning to update my blog with some of my latest additions to the Imperial Fists Retribution Force.


I decided to try something different for these two tanks. I undercoated both with a mix of browns and rusty oranges then sealed them with a varnish. Once dry i used the AK Interactive worn effects product through my airbrush before applying the GW Averland Sunset yellow and the lighter Flash Gitz. Both these were the air variety and both flowed beautifully. I followed this up with the stripping and the airbrushed details before starting on the weathering process.

I left it to dry overnight which was longer than recommended but I had put a  lot of the weathering solution on so it wasn’t an issue.  Following the instructions on the bottle, I added a little bit of water to a brush and started to brush gently against areas I wanted the weathering to show through. I probably went a little overboard in some areas but the effect is brilliant!


I’ve built and undercoated the Sicaran tank and then put in the box of yet to be completed projects. This box is slowly emptying as forgeworld haven’t released the next kits on my must have list.

So far I’ve magnetised the sponsoon weaponry and added the embossed fist logo. One day soon I’ll take this further, until then here are a few pictures of what’s to come.

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