MKiii Armoured Marines

These were the first marines I built a couple of years back before 32mm bases and Horus Heresy book three had just been released.

I had undercoated them in the army painter demonic yellow and that was as far as I got. I’ve finished most of the big stuff I own and I wanted to use these in an upcoming game so that gave me plenty of incentive to modify, paint and weather the troops. 

I had a few things to modify on these from when they were first built. I had new shoulder pads with the legion iconography and new 32mm bases that I had built up to match the ruined industrial terrain like the rest of my army.

Since there were 20 of them I work on a production line system to batch paint them. Batch painting is where you paint only one colour on every marine before the next colour. 
These are the first of many. 25,000 points worth of gear at last count. It will be a wall of yellow once I’ve finished this legion.

2 thoughts on “MKiii Armoured Marines

  1. Good job brother. I am waiting for a Prospero box to come out this months and gonna start my 30k IF army for good now. Plans are for 40 breachers (2×20) some veterans and tacticals. Might of Stone Gauntlet based mainly on infantry.


    1. Thank you kindly, add grav guns to your breachers, they are brutal. I’m thinking about a small Thousand Sons force but I’ll wait for the prospero box set as well


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