MKIII Breacher Squad

Breacher marines are the first wave of warriors into the fray to attack. Be it void warfare boarding actions or dominating a fortress. These are the marines that lead the way. Special war gear is available to assist those marines undertaking such perilous actions such as heavy boarding shields.

The Imperial Fists excel in these modes of warfare and often have legion specific gear at their disposal. The marines of the VII legion have a unique version of the boarding shield available to them to carry into action.

I had initially planned for these marines to be nothing more than the standard legion marines however after reading up on the breachers my plans changed. Not being a huge fan of the boarding shield for the MKIII armoured marines I searched the internet for alternatives that would fit onto a heresy pattern model without looking too out of place.

After a decent hunt around the internet, I settled on the Zinge Industries Riot Shield. Further modifications had to be made to each shield so they would have a fist attached and fit facing forward as pictured above. This required a bit of messing around with a 40k combat shield, instant mould and a greenstuff.

The Sergeant is made up of a combination of heresy plate, Imperial Fists specific gear and 40k shoulder guards, arms and weapons as well as the shield. I also the shoulder pads from Red Scorpions Sevrin Loth kit that makes up the honour guard.

When I initially built these models I had them all on the 25mm round bases but I like the larger 32mm bases as I can really maximise the terrain details which adds to the model.

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