Librarian -WIP

Finished, this model took the better part of a year to move from undercoat to finished. I have an event at the end of April and I’m expecting a whole bunch of Thousand sons so this librarian will be putting back on the Librarian robes and falling in behind Dorn for his first event day.

When i have more to photograph I will upload better photos of this model but here’s the current finished look

IMG_20170227_010841 (2).jpg

Out of all the librarian models on the market, my favourite had to be the Forgeworld. Now the dilemma I had was how to change him into fitting heresy Era armour and to replace the scorpion on his shoulder pauldron for a fist insignia.
I cut the book off the backpack and modified an MKIII powerpack to suit.
With sand paper, the scorpion came off easily and I had some etched brass fists which suited the remaining circle.

I created a green stuff base that should come up nicely once painted.





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