Alexis Polux

I first posted Alexis Polux on Phalanxforge over a year ago on 23rd July 2015. It’s taken me that long to finally finish him. There were just too many other cool models I wanted to build and paint first.

Finished Images

Painting Alexis Polux

I used a range of Games Workshop, AK Interactive, Badger Minitaire and Vallejo paints to achieve the final result. Polux’s yellow armour was achieved using the GW air paints and then darkened up with a directional spray of Badger Minitaire brown. The black used was the AK Interactive base black.


Unboxing Alexis Polux!!

Last Christmas Forgeworld did a Christmas puzzle and over the course of a few weeks revealed the next character to be released. After week 2 I had guessed it was Polux and week three confirmed it. I had expected the end of the puzzle to be timed with the actual release date to my dismay that was not the case. Christmas came and went then New Years soon passed also. Other models were released in its place. I ended up getting frustrated enough that I contacted them to ask why do the puzzle at all.
As soon as the email letter arrived I was on the site doing my pre-order and a few weeks later Alexis arrived. I built him soon after and am yet to paint him up.
Here’s an image of him with my standard bearer and another praetor.




Polux has some decent rules but his armour value is lacking, I would have thought he would have artificer armour or at least be able to equip it for an extra points cost. I like his warlord trait, The Master Tactician rule means one unit can be redeployed after both teams have set up. Essentially you could be sneaky and deploy your lord of war in one corner in reserve and deploy it after your opponent has setup his forces. Other sneaky ideas come to mind but it would all depend on the game being played.

You’ll find his rules in the Horus Heresy Book three – Extermination here’s an image of his rules

Polux Rules

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