Dreadnought Talon

I built this dreadnought talon late 2015 at least six months before writing this post, and besides the base coat of Demonic Yellow, they haven’t received any more attention. In total, I have 4 Contemptors and 1 Deredeos. 2 of the Contemptors are the Imperial Fists Legion dreadnought and the other two I purchased before their release.

I’ve also made a whole stack of weapon options for them. It’s a hard call as what to paint next, but I think these guys are it. I participated in a tournament earlier this year and every Contemptor Dreadnought I went up against annihilated my squads.

I wasn’t very happy with the bases, so I’ve stripped two and have restyled them to be industrial / Zone Mortalis. I also wasn’t happy with the arms and guns, so I revisited all of those too. Finally, I made a second power fist crushing an unlucky marine.

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