Legion Falchion


If you notice the earlier pictures in this post did not have the fuel drums on the back of the falchion, reason being is that I had bought some armoured fuel tanks from Blood and Skulls Industry and had not yet pulled the trigger on that purchase.  Then it took nearly two years for me to fit them. Now I am happy to say they have been modified, fitted and finished.

One bonus about coming back to this model now has been that my weathering skills have improved. I applied some streaking grime, rust, fuel spills, yellow panel liner and dirt all over the vehicle.

I’ve had a number games with this tank now and the twin-linked Volcano Cannon is truly a beast! Twin linked, large blast, Primary weapon 1, strength D AP 2. This is a game ender when you roll some 6’s for penetration results.

Aim in the general vicinity of what you want to disappear then roll to scatter if that went wide well its twin linked so have another go. Then roll two dice for armour pen and choose the highest, provided you don’t get snake eyes (two 1s) then things die.



Construction & Painting

The Imperial Fists Legion Falchion completed in all its glory.

I have played only one game with this tank in its new livery and it was a true beast! It took out a Fellblade in a couple of turns.


IMG_20141019_011743 IMG_20141019_011736

A few years back i was solely a Crimson Fists player and over the year’s I had amassed a pretty decent sized army. That all changed when I was taken by the Horus Heresy story and decided that 30K was the new hobby for me.

That decision took a number of months to thoroughly take hold and in that time I had bought two awesome models from Forgeworld. Firstly I thought about making a back story around some chapter relics being found in a deeply buried and forgotten bunker during the excavation of the obliterated fortress monastery.

IMG_20140910_223745 IMG_20140911_151448

This back story stayed with me until I had painted a couple of bigger models in chapter colours. I finally gave that idea away and decided that if I was going to make a 30k army that I was going to do it properly and that it had to be legion sized as well. Currently, I own about 20,000 points worth of gear (fully optioned)

Here is the Falchion during the final stages of construction and before painting

Gluing the twin-linked volcano cannon in place
Gluing the twin-linked volcano cannon in place & being particular about the levels


A future post yet to come in the background

This tank is big and it’s internally very empty so to give it a very solid structure I drilled a hole behind the rear engine compartment before attaching it and injected space expanding foam inside the cavity. It’s light, sticky enough to add another bond to the internal compartments and dries firm. It can be a tad messy and avoid getting it in any detail as it will be a true nightmare to remove this stuff without acetone free nail polish remover, but internally it’s not a problem.

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