1st Company Spartan

The June 2016 Horus Heresy event run by Objective Secured was fast approaching, I had finished painting all the units on my army list and so with four days before the event, I started a new project. This tank was going to be different to the previous Spartan I had painted as it was dedicated to the 1st company Captain Sigismund as his personal ride.

Construction & Painting

I used a lot of AK Interactive products as i find their rust and streaking grime weathering products to be spot on and their matt black base is really nice. The yellows were the standard Games Workshop variety built up from their Averland Sunset base and layered with Yriel Yellow followed by Flash Gitz. All the GW Paints were watered down using the Vallejo acrylic airbrush medium so i could spray it.

Being a 1st company tank it needed some personalization to give it that demarkation between companies. First the paint scheme was to be different and second i wanted some dedication to the company Captain.

I had previously been involved with a kick starter campaign for the Fallout Hobbies launch and my pledge granted me a number of custom decals and airbrush stencils. On my custom stencil i had a bunch of legion specific images like Maltese crosses legion numbers and names of the Imperial Fist heros (Dorn, Sigismund and Polux). Great products for some extra detail i highly recommend splashing out for some. I did a quick write up on my tools blog if you’re interested that can be found here

I had thought initially I would reverse my standard scheme for these pattern tanks so the majority of the hull was black but once i had it all painted up it looked closer to a Red Scorpion tank than the Imperial Fists, so i more yellow was needed on the armour.

The last step was to weather it in such a way that it would look like it has been on the battlefield for a very long time.


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