Templar Brethren – 2nd Squad

Having a 30K tournament approaching where I want to field two squads of Templar Brethren really spurred the creative process into high gear. I had seen on a number of blogs that more professional painters only part assemble their models before painting. In the spirit of advancing my skills, I decided to use this squad as a test run for just that.


Painting & Construction

Below is a progression of pictures through the painting process

Bases – Destroyed Industrial Complex

I’m quite proud of how my bases have been turning out for the last couple of squads. I first tried adding extra detail onto the bases with my first Templar Brethren squad and really enjoyed the depth that it added to the models. As such I’ve continued to do so with each new squad.

On each base is a mix of cork, plaster, wire, brass pipe, Plasticard I-Beams, hollow pipe beads and three different grades of sand. Mostly i glue the large piece down first and build up everything around it then work out placement for things like pipe and I-Beams  when there’s a bit more structure to the base.

Painting my bases is really quick before picking out the individual details.
Undercoat Black/ Dark Brown.
Heavy layer of Mechanicus Standard Grey
Thick drybrush of Baneblade Brown
Lighter drybrush of Administratum Grey
Lighter still drybrush of Ushabti Bone
Extremely light drybrush of White

After the above painting process this time around I got a little more technical with Fallout Hobbies airbrush stencils and AK Interactive weathering powders and enamels.




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