Rhino Transport

For some time, I seemed to collect tanks from sellers on auction sites, normally my criteria are that it’s got the Forgeworld Imperial Fists icon pack and some subpar paint job to keep the final cost down.
I have a container full of green stuff cleaning solution that a couple of my last purchases of this nature are bathing in and have been for at least the last 12 months. Not that you need to soak them for a year to loosen up the paint but more I’ve not had the need to go back and clean them up.

I have around 8 Rhinos at last count. I never aimed to collect them in such quantities but one thing lead to another and then suddenly you’ve got enough for your very own company convoy.

Having so many did have one advantage, I could use an actual tank model as a test rig for new weathering techniques, and thus why I have added this blog post to showcase one such guinea pig of a model.


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