Deimos Pattern Predator Infernus

During the long builds and massive painting sessions of the larger models at times, my interest is captured by other smaller models. Whilst I was building the warlord one such moment of inspiration hit and I spent the better part of the afternoon building this predator.

I had him complete in record time and as such didn’t take any build photos of him at all.

As this is a close range Melta tank I chose to field heavy flamers as side sponsons. As with all my tanks they are magnetised so, i can swap these out for any other variant in my selection.

Further inspiration took hold when the fallout hobbies decals and airbrush stencils arrived. You can read more about my experience with them on my PhalanxForgeTools page found here. I had this painted up and so it was the first tank to get some detailing with the smaller airbrush stencils.


One thought on “Deimos Pattern Predator Infernus

  1. Amazing job on Rhino 🙂 I am going for armoured “tank” fist army atm. You will find more at my blog if you wish 🙂


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