Titan Class ~ Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord
Name ~ Sol Bellator
Legion ~ Legio Ignatum
Allegiance ~ Loyalist

Weapon Loadout
~ Primary     – 2 x Belicosa pattern Volcano Cannons
~ Secondary – 2 x Shoulder Mounted Laser Blasters

2017 Updates

Sol Bellator is back on the work bench getting some much-needed upgrades.

There were some parts I loved others that never quite grew on me so I’ve opted to change some. I also got hold of an event only Warlord head for an upgrade, I haven’t done the shields yet but I am in discussion with Fallout hobbies to do up some scrolls with his name and Legio motifs and the like.

I also touched up all the trim with some of my new found gold skills thanks to all the damn custodes I’ve been painting. Really just wash and highlight but it makes a big difference.

More updates to come on Sol Bellator this year so check back in a few months

Completed Images

Build Pictures

Ever since Forgeworld released this monster I had to have it as the centrepiece leading my titan legion and surrounded by loyalist Imperial Fists.


I’ve broken the painting into two sections as there are a couple of different techniques used to achieve the overall effect. The first painted was the warlord body followed by the armour plates.

Armour plates

The armour plates start matt black and get built up to white a white in the central areas where there is to be less shading. This  grey scale is where I need it to be before it gets sprayed with the Minitaire ghost tints.

I found on the Warhound that if I turn the plates a deep pink/ purple with the magenta colour first, then it makes a deeper red hue with less paint when I spray the fresh blood ghost tint over the top.

Each panel then got the edges painted black before i applied the brass.


The chevrons on the top rear, leg plate, shoulder were done in the following way. The paint i used for the chevrons was AK Interactive White Primer, Vallejo Model Air Medium Yellow, AK Interactive Black Primer.

First, I painted the whole panel white, then second I turned the whole panel yellow. Once properly dry I masked up the chevrons with 10mm Tamyia low tac masking tape, This took an epic amount of effort and time to set right. I used a spare piece of tape as my guide for each Chevron to get a uniform size between each stripe.
Once happy with the masking up i slightly sprayed the black taking extra care to go very slow and do only light coats to build up the black layer.

Theres a picture of the masked up leg armour plate before the black was applied in the set of images below

Warlord Body

I decided that I would make the body of the Warlord a metal finish and have all the colour in the armour plates. I thought this would create a nice contrast and break up the colours.

The paint i used for the body was AK Interactive Matt Black undercoat and Vallejo model air – Steel. (In hindsight i should have used chainmail and then done highlighting with the steel as i had to do a number of lighter coats to get a darker colour. This made getting the right consistency on painting separate parts difficult as everything was painted at different times in the build process.

The large piping detail running around the model was painted in the Vallejo Game Colour – Bronze. The smaller pipe was painted in Vallejo game colour – Copper.


Those shields had always left me wondering what to put on them, I do love the first one of the Wasp in the flames but the second with the legion motto just dosent pop like i want it too. Watch this space as it will no doubt be redo in the near future.

Legio Ignatum Iconography

I have been asked a number of times now about where I got my wasp decals. I used an image designed by Steffen Søgarrd Jensen on this titan project and modified it to suit my needs, you can find his original work here.

If you’re interested about this legion read more about them here.

Forgeworld stated there are no plans in the pipeline to release decals for this legion so feel free to use these images or modify as you see fit.

I sent these icons off to Fallout Hobbies and they did an fantasy job at printing them out on high-quality decal paper and in amazing detail. Their printer did a great job at printing white.

Legio Ignatum Fire Wasp


I’ve been taking my time building this model too but now that the body is close to finished the pace has changed. I have the torso built and pinned, the legs built and pinned and the bulk of those two sections painted.

I have made a few adjustments and I’ll detail these below


I like knowing my Titans are solidly constructed so that on the table they  can stand a bit of scrutiny if required. They can be picked up from the top torso and the legs will happily remain connected. The Warhound does it, the Reaver also does it and true to form the Warlord follows suit. Although, this was more trial and error than the last two as I needed to guess the strength of the magnets to embed into the centre of the Titan.

The problem I had was that the torso isn’t as thick as the smaller Titans so there’s less resin to drill and secure powerful magnets too. This required looking at the problem right at the start of the build rather than half way through it.

I settled on adding a small reservoir to build up a healthy amount of resin to firmly lock a tower of 20mm x 2mm magnets securely. There would be about 8 magnets stacked in the resin plus some other broken ones. The vessel had to remain streamlined as not to affect the side walls of the torso construction but also be a firm fit on the base plate. This took the form of a plastic children’s cup cut to size so it was a very snug fit around the inverted base. I then sealed the base of the new mould with glue, positioned the magnets then poured a thick 2 part epoxy resin to complete the modification. To keep the magnets squarely in place during the curing process I matched its opposite on the exterior this allowed me to properly centre them and to hold the others firmly in place.

I had the four sides glued in place before I poured the resin and splashed some of the excess around the inside wall joints building a great seal and strengthening all the wall bonds. I paid extra focus on the floor joints keeping that nicely coated too.

Apologies but I didn’t take photos of this part as it was horrendously sticky to be handling a camera. Look closely at the picture below and you will see the raised cup section inside the belly of the beast.

Look inside and you’ll see the solid resin magnet block

Pinning and Glue.

On a model so massive and heavy I was always going to poke it full of metal pins. The majority of these pins are actually threaded 6mm rod although there are some 2mm lengths joining the shoulder weapons together and some other smaller sections.

I like having the weapon arms linked together with a single pin as to counterbalance any shift in load pressure across the metal bar rather than the resin walls.


The pins in the legs and hips are two 6mm bars running from either side through the hips. I used two pins as opposed to one so that the two pins properly counter any down force exerted on each other whereas a single pin exerts more force on the resin surround it. Having two holds the legs pose locked in place. It was also easier to drill from each side because of the different angles of the leg sections.


Further down the legs in the knee joints, I have two pins in each. One running vertically and one horizontally and lastly moving down to the feet I have one in each that goes higher than the ankle ball joint and straight down into the foot.

All the major sections are held together with JB Weld which is quite possibly the best two part glue with a bit of flexibility I’ve ever used. Check out the link to my hobby tools blog to read more about that stuff.

Construction Images

4 thoughts on “WARLORD TITAN

  1. This looks great! I am the one who did the wasp design you have used, back when I made my scratch built Lucius reaver. Glad to see it been put to good use! 😀

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