MKIIB Landraider

Finished MKIIB LandRaider

Construction & Painting

The tank turned out great! Probably a little extra dirty in some parts and it’s one of the dirtiest in my arsenal.

Construction & Painting

I was never a real fan of the MKIIB Landraider until I saw this model painted up by James Wappel on his blog wappellious.

I recognised the tracks from an eBay store and blog I was following but had never seen them used on a landraider before. The eBay seller is called machinator248 and the store is Blood and Skulls Industry

So putting these all together I went about piecing together how I would integrate this mod into my models.

Yet to be finished



The build

I picked up a cheap Landraider kit off eBay that was missing some parts. That was perfect for me as I wasn’t going to use much of the original kit anyway.

2015-12-08_10.04.20 (1).jpg

To get the height of the tracks I needed to cut the top of the standard Landraider and add plasticard to raise the tracks above the top of the tank.

I also needed to chisel down the detail on the top detail and sand it down flat.

The plasticard needed to be modified to have a more rounded edge to allow the tracks to sit right. The tracks did go together easily,  and when compared to the old Forgeworld tracks they were a breeze! However, it did not end beautifully flush and needed a bit of messing around to get the links sitting right.


The top hatch became much too close to the tracks for my liking, so I glued a piece of plasticard off cut underneath the hole and patched it with Milliput putty. I then cut the top hatch flush, so I didn’t need to drill a hole to fit it and glued it into the desired position.


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