Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

Finished Photos



Construction & Painting

I’ve spent some time recently finishing a tank I built almost a year ago, last time I did anything with it was when I sprayed it with the Demonic Yellow base cost and that would have been not long after I finished building it. I did enjoy building it however I really dislike doing the tracks. If I ever buy another Spartan at least they’ll have the new track system now. however, I’m not sure if I truly need three, but I do need more landraiders.

When I built the Cerberus I didn’t do my standard green stuff fist icons so its bare of all legion iconography for now. I haven’t made any up for a while either so I have a couple of options up my sleeve. First is to cast some of the icons and paint /glue them like every other Imperial Fists vehicle or second is to wait a little while for my new custom made air  brush stencils and decals coming from Fallout Hobbies. Most of the stencils I had hoped to use for jet bikes, speeders and curved surfaces. I also have a number of different sized Maltese cross stencils so all my vehicle markings will be updated with those in time.


I used the streaking grime from AK interactive and feathered them out with white spirits as per the instructions. This stuff does make some really cool effects. I find it very hard not going overboard on this stuff.

Other weathering effects applied is some2 dirty soot using the smoke powder from Ak Interactive. This was applied around the rear smoke stacks of the model

I need to do a final wash of brown and black ink to both dull down the yellow and make it all a bit dirtier then i’ll flick a tiny bit of mud on it for extra dirt effect.



I had a recent apoc game where this had its first game. It was a sea of yellow



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