Legion Jet Bike Sky Hunter Squadron

I built a 10 man squad of jetbikes a while back, they aren’t exactly the weapons of choice that seige specialists like the Imperial Fists would be known for but I see them as the seige incident response team providing quick fire support to areas of the battlements under threat. Each bike being a heavy bolter platform and having a 2+ armour save, coupled with the legion specific rule bolter drill and you have a effectively 30 heavy bolter shots hitting on 2+. To add more potency to this squad I’ve equipped them all with melta bombs that should give them a full spectrum of tactical options to assault heavily armoured targets they’ll be a very formidable unit.

I gave the sergeant a power fist from the spare I had out of the Templar Brethren unit. I think the pose works brilliantly.




I started with a base coat of Army Painter Deamon Yellow and dulled it from there with agrax earth shade. I airbrushed a black undercoat on all the metal parts and drybrush leadbelcher and chainmail metal colours.


The small flight stand hole in the bottom of each jetbike were sloppy at best and were degrading from constant wear and tear so I opted to add some brass rod that fit snug around the wire.



I’ve been basing my army as if they are battling over a ruined forge complex so some bases will have double diamond checker plate or concrete looking floors others have road base but all have some rubble randomly placed.

Here’s the finished bases for all the jet bikes and javelin speeders.


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