Legion Fellblade

Finished Images

Construction & Painting

The Legion Fellblade Super-Heavy Tank was one of the first I had built but as tends to happen I got sidetracked with painting it and put it away in its transport case for the last 6 months. I managed to complete it between finishing the Warhound and Phalanx Warders and starting the reaver Titan build.


I used a number of AK Interactive weathering products to get the desired effect, all the rotating areas under the turrets are heavily oiled and the exhaust stacks are caked with black smoke weathering powder. There’s also streaking grime from a number of select areas and the dirty track wash product covering all the tracks.
I did opt to not heavily beat this up and scratch the buggery out of it but there’s always room for more weathering if I choose to later down the track.


The side sponsons are magnetised I prefer this as they are fragile and I would hate to see them damaged in transit. Also means my tanks can be stored closer together see the transportation case post for a look at how I store these

Since I have all three super heavy tanks I decided to make each passing job unique where the Legion Falchion is very yellow this one has a greater level of black on the panels and the Legion Glaive will be painted the inverse of the Fellblade so it will be the darkest yet.

Painting the Fellblade

Army Painters Demonic Yellow spray paint undercoat followed by making off for the Vajello surface primer black.
To darken the yellow I used Citadel Seraphim Sepia all over the bright yellow being careful to wipe away any pools of ink and once dry I applied Army Painter Quickshade with a paint brush and I’ve again removed the excess with a number of cotton tips. The colour differences can be seen in the images above compared to the ones below.


This was the sheer amount of making off that was required to airbrush the black properly.

In the photos below you will notice that you can’t see the inside of the tank that’s because I’ve used some poly-pipe to fill the hole. I did this for extra support.


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