Templar Brethren

Finished Photos


Construction & Painting

It’s taken me a while for the troops to get prioritised in my queue to be finished, but they are on their way now. Here’s a few work in progress pictures.


Once I read the rules for the Templar Brethren I resolved to have at least one squad of them, then seeing how awesome the Forgeworld models are I immediately wanted two.

Here’s the first of the full squad and the Sargent wielding a Solarite Gauntlet instead of a power sword.


I was trying some new basing techniques for these guys and used a lot of Galeforce 9 basing materials on the 32mm GW round bases. I’m starting my elite and specialist squads on the 32mm bases this will extend out to heavy support category units over time. I’ll decide after then if I’ll continue with all the standard troops and assault troops but for now the criteria for the new base is 1, anything that is 10 man or less or 2, anything that does not actively seek hand to hand combat with the enemy.


The base coat was done using AK Interactive black primer. I’m really fond of this primer, it reminds me of an old Matt black hot rod. The paint is easy to clean up and doesn’t really set hard in the airbrush straight away giving ample time for prolonged painting sessions and clean up. I’ll be buying a full care package of paints next time around I think.

More pics to come once I start painting the detail.

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