Warhound Titan

Completed Photos

Games day photos

Construction & Painting

Its been a little while since my last post, that’s not to say I’ve not been busy working on new models in fact as the title infers I’ve been working on something big…

Meet the first of the Legio Ignatum Titans I will be building over the coming months, also known as the Fire Wasps. I chose this particular Titan Legion because 1, they are loyal to the emperor and were present during the siege of the imperial palace and 2, They are the only titan legion in the fluff to guard the golden throne. The story goes that The Fire Wasps have two Warhound Titans defending the entrance to the golden throne and have done so ever since the Emporer was interned there. Read more on them here.



The engine room so to speak is made up of magnets, metal pins and copper pipe. These additions stitch the whole beastly machine together solidly.

The central joint is three 20mm magnets stacked and glued together with resin poured over them to take up space around them and to cement them in permanently. The weapon mounts would not have the guns standing straight without a guide, and unfortunately, my local hardware store didn’t have any thin ferrous pipe so copper was used instead.

I think it worked out better than expected as I cut and bent out the top of the copper piping to a few 90-degree tags, then epoxy resin it in place with a 20mm magnet sitting on top of it. I glued an extra 10mm magnet up in the upper part of the pipe which gave an exceptional magnetic bond when the guns are in place. See the image below

The torso has 3x 20mm magnets resin locked into the guide hole, and the hip has a 10mm x 15mm magnet in the centre and is surrounded by eight smaller 5mm x 6mm magnets. The result is a model that can be picked straight up without fear of losing the bottom half, but it will easily come away when angled.

One magnet glued fast before it could be pressed flush which was a real shame as I made a small mess of grinding it flat. However, the desired effect of a strong magnetic bond was still achieved

Magnetised weapon mounts required the circular cover plate to be raised about 2 mm so the 20mm magnet would fit over the splayed copper pipe. I fashioned some green stuff to cover the exposed magnets and clean up the look.

Titan Crew

Meet the Princeps and crew. I had initially thought of glueing the face plate onto to the Titan and only allowing glimpses of the cockpit through the open eyes. I’m still not sold on having the whole thing come apart as I think it may break over time or dislodge during transport. To get around this, I used another stack of magnets.



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