Transportation Cases

I take a great deal of pride in my hobby, I spend so much time crafting and painting these models that when they are done I want somewhere secure for them to live. I also have a 2-year-old in the house so making sure all the little bits are out of harms way is very important.

Some enthusiasts opt for the large storage containers and whilst it does work for them I don’t have the extra room to store those sorts of containers. Instead, I opted for injection moulded plastic hard cases from my local hardware store Bunnings. The main case I use is the Craftright safe case, it comes with pluck foam but I remove that and pad it out with a solid block of foam then cut it to suit the models I’m going to store in it.

I’ve found some secondhand pelican cases and foam filled them for the warlord, Thunderhawk, Reaver and Warhound. They weren’t cheap cases but then they aren’t cheap models.

The biggest issue I find is having to do the cutting creates a lot of wasted space but there is no one locally (that is advertising at least) who can make this type of product on a budget.


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