Finished Photos

It took the better part of a year for me to finally paint Sigismund, mainly because I want to use him in a tournament leading two full squads of Templar Brethren that he progressed in the painting queue. I was going to paint the tank up as an iron warrior wreckage but I didn’t want a dark model standing on a dark tank which gave me the opportunity to try my hand at Death Guard colours instead.



Unboxing & Construction

Gotta love new stuff! A package from Forgeworld arrived this morning but other responsibilities got in the way which forced me to wait out the full 8+ hours to get into it. Work be damned!

Sigismund arrives!
Sigismund arrives!

Here’s what you get in the box laid out for all to see.

Sigismund Unboxed
Sigismund Unboxed

I have him built now but not yet painted. I decided to modify him slightly and put a Templar Brethren helmet on him. Next will be if I paint him black or yellow.

If you’ve read the Horus Heresy Book Three Extermination specifically the rules for the imperial fists you’ll have seen the special HQ characters that are available for use. Beneath the Primarch’s there has perhaps never been a more skilled warrior in combat.  In fact, the Blood Angels’ Primarch Sanguinius remarked “he seemed less my brother Dorn’s champion, and more Death’s himself…” If you want to read more on the character check out 40 wikis but if you’re interested in the rules for using him in the game See the image below.

Sigismund Rules


I went with a base of AK Interactive Matt Black over the yellow to remain in line with the fluff. I had him standing on a death guard tank to provide a contrast of light and dark and also because I wanted to see how difficult the death guard would be to paint for any future projects.

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