Spartan Assault Tank

The Spartan Assault Tank is the mainstay of my spearhead offensives. Whether it’s delivering 25 marines into the fray or 12 terminators you can rest assured that this tank has the resilience and firepower to get the job done.
I always take the flare shield when fielding this tank as bonus shield to the front arc adds to its potency.


Finished Photos

The following photos were taken using the same camera under different lighting conditions. I haven’t added any fancy filtering to modify the colours.

Construction & Painting

I’m really not sure where all the photos of this build went so it’s pretty light on for content. However, I did use Army Painter Daemonic Yellow as the base coat and tried to dull it down with washes. That seem to be the best way to give it a less fluorescent feel.


The construction of this tank was reasonably straightforward, but there were parts that just made me wonder if they were ever sculpted to go together in the first place. Primarily I’m thinking about the tracks. No matter how I heated them or shaped them I could not get a perfect fit without modifications.


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