Legion Praetor & Centurion Scimitar Jetbike upgrade

After a very long time sitting semi-finished in the project box I finally finished the HQ Jetbike upgrade.



A friend of mine gave me his scenic base to the second Angron model he made. He bought two because one was for using on the table and the other was to remain as a show piece. With the base i also got the casualties. i was stoked with this as the first casualty was posed in such a way that a Contemptor Dreadnought could easily be holding the corpse of a marine. That’s exactly what i build and that conversion is yet to be posted here, but in time i’ll get it up.

What i planned to do with the 60mm scenic base was to make a playable upgrade for my legion commanders without having to model one permanently as a Scimitar Jetbike commander. This allows me to give the jetbike upgrade to my Praetor or my Centurions and further then to my legion Primus Medicae, Librarians and so on. So long as the rules say the unit can have the bike this is the simplest way i have found to model such an interchangeable upgrade.


I painted up the base a little while back as i wanted to test some new AK Interactive mud effects products. Below is the image of it whilst it was wet


Here are all the colours i used to get the base to its finished product


I gave the whole model a thorough coating of an acrylic dark brown paint from my local art supply store, this was the paint i was undercoating the Thunderhawk base with at the time also.


Once dry i proceeded to do a heavy dry brush of Mechanicum Grey then a lighter dry brush of ushabti bone and finishing with an even lighter dry brush of white. That picked out all the stone work nicely but all the checker plate and steel beams were then painted with the Vallejo Model Air steel.

I finished the piece with some weathering effects on the metals using two different rust powders, from the Forgeworld Weathering Powder Set 1 and the other an AK Interactive Medium Rust Deposits. Using airbrush paint thinner to shape and set the stain of those effects before the matt varnish seals them in place.

I then went to work turning the 40mm hole in the centre into a muddy puddle with lumps and contrasting levels, but not enough as to hinder its purpose of holding a HQ unit in place. Using the AK Interactive Heavy Muddy Set I mixed in plaster with the weathering powders to give it an uneven appearance then using a 2ml liquid dropper i added the wet effects fluid. This fluid doesn’t create a thick layer like two part resins do instead it dries out and gives everything a glossy coating.


The bike still needs to be painted up in something fitting to be the commanders mount of choice but i’ll update this post when that happens.

I have added some finer details to the bike which will seperate it from the others in the squad the commander may join.

wpid-wp-1436883201046.jpeg wpid-wp-1436883200550.jpeg

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