Apothecarion Detachment

Finished Models

Construction & Painting


When I first started down the 30K Horus Heresy pathway I decided that I would re-purpose a number of specific models and use my 40k bits box to great effect. Other than my 20 terminators the only other unit to benefit from that bits box is my legion apothecaries. I had created 2 unique apothecaries before I bought the Heresy armoured versions but they are as yet to be painted.

40K Apothecary with a comms helmet and chaos marine chain sword

After reading the rules for the Primus Medicae I decided to build the MKIV variant into that HQ character and give him some suitable war gear. As he is now an HQ character I upgraded the base from a 25mm to a 40mm to make him stand out on the tabletop. This also allows me to field him with a jet bike and I came up with a unique way to display that without making a permanent model to display that. See the post legion praetor centurion scimitar jet bike upgrade for more details on that conversion.


Here’s two images of the Primus Medicaid finished.


I had a painting session recently where the first heresy MKII armoured apothecary got finished. I wanted a grungy feel for this model and I think the heavy sepia wash coupled with the quick shade dip has given the desired effect. I’ll know more in 24 hours once the quick shade has set properly. He was given an MKIII shoulder pad upgrade with the legion insignia (I didn’t have any MKII fist shoulder pads) but it looks the part


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