Phalanx Warder Squad

Finished Photos

Construction & Painting

I built these guys the moment they were released but after painting up 3 of them I got distracted by the big canary project (Thunderhawk Gunship). So they’ve sat on the shelf waiting.
These were completed after trialling how to darken the Army Painter daemon yellow under  coat, what I used was a coat of Sepia ink to wash down the model after all the detail was applied and then the army painter quick dip shading product.

I chose to give the Sergeant for this unit to have a power fist and only had one thunder hammer at the time to make one of the special members. As I only have one with a thunder hammer i could also use him as a second Sergeant and split the 20 man squad down to two 10 man squads.



Paint scheme used was demonic yellow undercoat then vajalleo black primer for all the black detail The metal colour is… Vajello Steel and green of the laurels Citadel Warboss Green. Finishing up with a dip in Army painters Strong quickshade. I did some reading into the quick shade product and its best to attach the model to a drill then hold it in a box to catch the excess as it gets messy. To hold the model in place I used two 10mm x 2mm magnets on the top side of the models base. On the underside I have a 20mm magnet. This large magnet really holds firm and when connected to a large drill bit it works brilliantly. When I finish the detail work I’ll be sure to take photos of this setup.

Three stages of painting and shading Left Sepia wash and Quickshade, Middle Quickshade, Right Undercoat only

I since hit these three models with another sepia coloured wash to dull the demonic yellow tone further. It makes them look very gritty but also brings the colour to exactly the look i’m going for. This is perfect as i have been struggling to keep a uniformed look to all the models as i have about 10 different shades of yellow from a variety of paint manufactures.

The colours i used is as follows…

Undercoat – Army Painter Demonic Yellow

Vajello Surface Primer Black
Vajello Light Grey
Vajello Sepia
Citadel Warboss Green
Citadel Aldorf Gurad Blue


I have been batch painting the remaining phalanx warders at night over the last week but progress continues at a slower rate than i really expected. The black has been the biggest block of detail to paint up on each one and i’ve got 3 left which I’ll knock out tonight. Once that’s done it will be much quicker to do the rest of the colours.

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